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Goldpresman Quantenova Sustainability

"You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself." Nelson Mandela

Through our business and brands, we want to create a better future every day for people all around the world: the people who work for us, those we do business with, the all of people who use our products, and future generations whose quality of life depends on the way we protect the environment today.

Our mission

We work to create a better future every day.

We help people feel good, look good and get more out of life with brands and services that are good for them and good for others.

We will inspire people to take small, everyday actions that can add up to a big difference for the world.

We will develop new ways of doing business with the aim of expanding our company while reducing our environmental impact.

Our Compass strategy

We will deliver our ambitious mission through what we call our Compass strategy. The Compass focuses us on delivering growth – winning market share and growing volume profitably across our categories and countries. We will do this by winning: with brands and innovation; in the marketplace; through continuous improvement; and with people.

The Plan is not just the right thing to do for people and the environment. It is also right for Goldpresman Quantenova: the business case for integrating sustainability into our brands is clear and persuasive.

Our Sustainable Living Plan

  • Consumers want it: consumers around the world want reassurance that the products they buy are sustainably sourced and protect the earth’s natural resources. A more sustainable brand is often a more desirable brand.

  • Customers want it: many retailers have sustainability goals of their own. They need the support of suppliers like Goldpresman Quantenova if they are to achieve them. Our collaboration is broadening and deepening the relationships we have with our customers.

  • It fuels innovation: sustainability is a fertile area for innovation in both products and packaging. It is allowing us to deliver new products with new consumer benefits.

  • It saves money: managing our business sustainably reduces energy use, minimizes packaging and drives down waste. It not only generates cost savings, it can also save consumers money.

Developing stronger consumer science

A significant part of our environmental footprint is influenced by the way our consumers use our products. We are developing new tools and technologies to measure the environmental impacts associated with how our products are used by consumers at home.

We are also researching the best ways to change consumer behavior – in terms of eating more healthily, using less water and energy for example – and looking at what triggers consumers to choose more sustainable products.