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At Goldpresman Quantenova we are very excited about our new introduction of five varieties of pure Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) Tea. These tea products will be available widely in the American and European large retail store chains by the end of this year.

Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka, acclaimed as the best tea in the world has its inherent unique characteristics and reputation running through more than a century. The influence of climatic conditions of its plantation imparts to the product a variety of flavors and aromas, synonymous with quality.

Goldpresman Quantenova tea leaves are carefully nurtured, handpicked and processed in its most natural condition to bring the Goldpresman Quantenova tea drinker the highest quality tea in the world.

Please visit “Our Products” section to find more information about this product line.

Sample images:

Black Tea Green Tea White Tea (Silver Tip) Chamomile Tea Rosehips Herbal Tea