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Goldpresman Quantenova A Green Company
"A green company acts, in a way which minimises damage to the environment." - Wikipedia

Here are ways Goldpresman Quantenova has taken leadership in being a green company:

  • Most of our packaging material in is recyclable or biodegradable.

  • We have set up a recycling program and quantify the materials and volumes we capture.

  • We have implemented green-building strategies in our building such as lighting retrofits which reduce energy and save money.

  • We provide incentives for workers who find new ways to implement environment saving strategies within our company.

  • At Goldpresman Quantenova we try as much as possible to switch to hybrid vehicles and really focus on efficient routes to reduce mileage.

  • We make sure we are using green cleaning products in our buildings.

  • We assess our internal operation and replace office supplies and marketing collaterals with recycled alternatives.