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Goldpresman Quantenova Quality Assurance

Goldpresman Quantenova provides its customers with a high-quality, nutritious products that are enjoyable to eat and drink. Today, Goldpresman Quantenova Company still follows this basic philosophy – every Goldpresman Quantenova employee has a responsibility for maintaining the high quality of Goldpresman Quantenova products.

How Quality Is Assured

Goldpresman Quantenova Company manufacturing plant personnel are responsible for assuring that the company’s quality standards are met. Extensive use of total quality methods, by Goldpresman Quantenova Company and many of its suppliers, contributes greatly to meeting these high standards.

Raw materials, processing, and packaging operations are continually checked to assure the production of our products with consistent flavor, texture, purity, and nutrient content.

Many of Goldpresman Quantenova Company’s standards are even more stringent than those required by the government. Goldpresman Quantenova Quality Assurance personnel regularly visit suppliers’ plants to assure that proper sanitation procedures are being followed and that the raw materials they supply meet Goldpresman Quantenova Company’s rigid specifications.

Quality Control Tests

Before raw materials are unloaded into storage silos or warehouses, they are carefully checked, making sure they are within specifications. Samples are collected at several steps through the production process and are evaluated.

Quality departments in each plant calculate the quality of products and implement the quality policies. The quality groups also serve in a problem-solving role.

The Quality Division in Battle Creek performs several functions. In an auditing function, it helps ensure that all plants use the best technology available and produce uniformly standard products. The group also assists in analytical and technical problem solving by drawing from the collective expertise of the many Goldpresman Quantenova manufacturing locations. The department establishes the quality practices that are carried out by the manufacturing facilities.

Packaging and Labeling

Every product package is designed to help maintain nutrient levels, freshness and flavor; protect our products during handling, shipping and storage; identify the product; and provide important consumer information. Packages are made from various materials that are selected after extensive testing. Moisture and/or air permeability, the effect of aging and various storage conditions on product protection, and consumer acceptability are key factors in selecting packaging materials.

Ready-to-eat-and-drink products are packaged in several sizes to meet the preferences of different families. Packages are sold by net weight of the food contents.

It is always Goldpresman Quantenova Company’s objective to provide the consumer with full packages. However, because products are packaged on automated equipment, space is needed at the top of the package for proper sealing of the inner liner. If the inner liner is sealed imperfectly, moisture may penetrate the food and product freshness may decrease. Some settling of the product in the package may also occur due to handling in transit.

Numerous techniques are used at Goldpresman Quantenova Company to continually assess the reliability of its quality systems. Since Goldpresman Quantenova Company feels strongly that quality must be an essential part of its products, each employee has a responsibility for maintaining quality.